June’s Composer of the Month – Beethoven

beethovenJune is here! This month we will be digging deeper into the life of Ludwig van Beethoven, learning about his personal life, compositions, interesting facts and much more! Stay tuned, you never know what new fact you'll learn.

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn Germany,  December 1770, the exact date is unknown. His father was driven to create a child prodigy, so he told Ludwig, and the general public, that he was born in 1772 instead to make him seem even more advanced for his age.

It is unknown when Beethoven composed his first score, but the earliest found publication by him dates back to 1982 when he wrote a set of 9 variations on C minor for piano (video below).


Know any interesting facts about Beethoven? Please share them with us today!

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